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Index of /ubuntu/dists/focal-security/main/dep11/

by-hash/                                           02-Apr-2020 08:33                   -
CID-Index-amd64.json.gz                            01-Oct-2023 19:44                 815
CID-Index-i386.json.gz                             01-Oct-2023 19:44                 431
Components-amd64.yml.gz                            01-Oct-2023 19:44               74100
Components-amd64.yml.xz                            01-Oct-2023 19:44               59808
Components-i386.yml.gz                             01-Oct-2023 19:44               10101
Components-i386.yml.xz                             01-Oct-2023 19:44                8992
icons-128x128.tar.gz                               01-Oct-2023 19:45               72202
icons-128x128@2.tar.gz                             01-Oct-2023 19:45                  29
icons-48x48.tar.gz                                 01-Oct-2023 19:45               18900
icons-48x48@2.tar.gz                               01-Oct-2023 19:45                  29
icons-64x64.tar.gz                                 01-Oct-2023 19:45               36045
icons-64x64@2.tar.gz                               01-Oct-2023 19:45                  29

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