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Index of /fedora-epel/testing/7/ppc64/repodata/

12f3060b57b8b6a94773a7b5e365def4f0b4356cfd039e7..> 28-May-2019 01:56              159570
136852a74e196be2fe7f73a43ffa3cec0ba1980a89f332b..> 28-May-2019 01:56               59138
28a3ca90dd217e01415af02734a01026f5a385aea69437c..> 28-May-2019 01:56              104345
533d41f77f35a62ad3928eac5652ee460c8d7ff1173f154..> 28-May-2019 01:56              313745
64a9ea50af6b026fae0b74ae7cc1da7ceb2464c2be21283..> 28-May-2019 01:56              799283
88ec6752cdcf322b3d2c786c148204fea4bd9045999f76f..> 28-May-2019 01:56              156928
b8cd0d99f192d291584e4d434e02777e5cec6d0e4512fc4..> 28-May-2019 01:56              829815
c629c8fc439517aed1ff09d9c8ba32f2fa6984a2f9683e4..> 28-May-2019 01:55              373476
d483e6768d423b6c043a0f7ecb7e907153f589d2e50f670..> 28-May-2019 01:56                 554
d97ad2922a45eb2a5fc007fdd84e7ae4981b257d3b94c3c..> 28-May-2019 01:56               89651
repomd.xml                                         28-May-2019 01:56                4828

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